Duy Viet Nguyen


Related experience from summer internships and works.

Microsoft Corp.

Software Engineer Intern, Summer 2015.
• Created a service to digest telemetry data of Office for Android, stored in Azure Cloud, and exposed aggregated data to MRO Engine via OData service to automate decision-making process of the engine.
• Created a cloud service to collect telemetry data of patch builds for Microsoft Office 2016.
• Created monitoring service and trigger alert when my services fail.

Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

Research Assistant, Summer 2014.
• Used Hinton’s neural net model to classify handwritten digits from 0 to 9 using MNIST database and academy’s database.
• Trained the same sets of data with Support Vector Machine (SVM), K-Nearest neighbor (KNN), Decision Tree, Gradient boosting to compare the results with Neural Net.

Vertically Integrated Projects, GaTech

Intelligent Digital Communications Project, 2014
• Team leader of System Monitoring team
• Developed software tools to aids in the monitoring and maintenance of Radio Frequency wireless sensor network to be deployed on Georgia Tech campus

South Seattle Math & Science Tutoring Center

Tutor, Sep 2011 – Jul 2012
• Assisted student with math, physics, and computer programming

About Me

My back ground and skill sets
I love traveling, hiking, and listening
to audio books

I am from Hanoi, Vietnam. I graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

In my free time, i bla bla bla asdfsdfklsdfjlksdjflksdjlcksdjclksdjclkabh lskadfj flskjf foweij l;skdjf fknse8ig foencw[i

  • Java
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5/CSS3


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Shop with Friends

Created an android app to notify your friends of local deals or online deals of the items they are looking for In Android, iOS, and webapp.
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Game of tic-tac-toe

Created UI for web-base tic-tac-toe game using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
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‘World’s hardest game’ & ‘Flappy bird’

Implemented games: ‘World’s hardest game’ and ‘Flappy bird’ for game boy advance
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Duke Hackathon 2014

Created an app for Pebble smart watch, which allowed sending voice mails, text messages, along with GPS location immediately when ones faced danger or medical problem. It also warned user when they went into high-risk area.
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Intel Hackathon

Designed and developed an Android web app to promote exercise among student. Implemented a real time tracking system via Wi-Fi/3G using the Google Maps API.

Leadership and Activities

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